Professor Javad Kojuri Case Presentation

Cardiovascular News

Scenario: A 60-year-old man, Dyspnea, EF = 55%. Social History: Hypertension. CT Angiography: LAD mid-part with moderate stenosis. Pre-test Probability of CAD = 35% ASCVD risk = 14.12% (Intermediate Risk), Arterial Stiffness Index = 9.15 (> 9.0). Javad Kojuri, MD, MS. Full Professor of Cardiology, Shiraz Professor javad kojuri recommends the FFRCT analysis for this patient.


NiFFR from CT Angiography was performed for (LAD) at (MID PART). Physiologic assessment was (Non-Significant) based on calculation in the hyperemia state.
Recommended medical treatment under Observation based on FFR CT