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Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death in the world. Among them, disorders in blood vessels are the most common. About 25 percent of all deaths in adults over the age of 30, and in 70 percent of adults over the age of 75 are attributed to cardiovascular diseases globally.

In order to provide a faster, more accurate, and safer method to diagnose stenosis in coronary artery flow, Mobtakeran Salamat Fakher (MSF), in line with its mandate to be a leader in delivering the best medical technologies and solutions available in the world, and by employing advanced computational science, has developed a visualization software to better aid physicians to make more accurate, less risky, and non-invasive diagnoses and assessments of coronary artery diseases.

The system makes use of Angiograms or CT Angiographies and other information (e.g., patients’ systolic and diastolic pressure and blood flow) provided by the physician to construct two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of the coronary artery, and thereby determines the boundaries of arterial walls, analyzes and determines the degree of artery narrowing (expressed in terms of percentage), and detects other abnormalities or stenoses in the blood vessels.

This has been made possible with the combined experience of MSF’s highly educated and talented research and development team, as well as numerous clinical studies, while also benefiting from the valuable feedback obtained from Iran’s leading healthcare Centers.

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In addition, MSF has successfully met the most stringent requirements of leading international management and operations standard bodies to obtain ISO14971, IEC62304, and ISO13485 certificates. Furthermore, the software has successfully received the approval, and has satisfied the safety and efficacy standards under Class C (high risk) of Iran’s National Medical Device Directorate (the equivalent of America’s FDA’s Class III and Europe’s Class IIB).

MSF is proud to be the first in Iran to have developed and introduced this revolutionary non-invasive technology that diagnoses stenosis in coronary artery flow, and to be playing an important role in and positively contributing to Iran’s self-sufficiency with respect to the medical devices industry..