Atherosclerosis Risk

The early detection of atherosclerosis is important for patients, because cardiovascular disease is a main cause of death in world. Ankle brachial index (ABI), arterial stiffness and body parameters could predict cardiovascular events in subject’s risk factors. The arterial stiffness estimated using cardio ankle vascular index (CAVI) in healthy subject’s increases linearly with aging, and is higher in men than in women.

مشکلات قلبی

Cardiovascular screening test

Cardiovascular screening test is new and non-invasive procedure based on computational assessment that it is able to estimate the risk of atherosclerosis or likelihood of coronary artery disease (CAD) based on blood pressure fluctuations, risk factors, age, sex and symptom.

پیشگیری مشکلات قلبی

Screening test parameters

The test includes important predictors of CAD such as: ABI, arterial stiffness, body evaluation, pulse pressure, CAVI, pre and post-test probability of CAD, in patients with risk factors such as diabetes or obesity, hemodynamics values are higher than in normal limit. Screening test parameters is associated with carotid and coronary atherosclerosis and probability of CAD. Clinical likelihood of CAD is a useful tool to screen people with mild to moderate levels of atherosclerosis and diagnostic aids for rule out or rule in CAD in symptomatic patients.