New Diagnostic Pathway​

Diagnosing CAD Based on Computational CT Angiogram

In this clip, Dr. Javad Kojuri (specialist in cardiology) presents two cases that were performed through computed tomography angiography (FFRct) and its high accuracy in the diagnostic process was compared and determined with angiography, expressing the importance of And the value of this method in the world and the need to use it in Iran in the meeting of the role of artificial intelligence in the anatomical and physiological evaluations of the heart in the 23rd Congress of Atherosclerosis of Iran (News of Cardiology).

– Speaker Dr. Javad Kojuri (specialist in cardiology)

– Time: September 1402
– Location: Tehran Olympic Hotel – Hegmatane Hall

Members of the meeting:
1- Dr. Masoud Ghasemi (President of the Congress)
2- Dr. Maryam Mehrpouya
3- Dr. Fakhreddin Hejazi
4- Dr. Reza Rahmani
5- Dr. Amir Farhang Zandparsa

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