Comparsion of Invasive FFR and Non-invasive FFR

Examine the effectiveness and accuracy of coroner vein assessment in an aggressive way
FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve)
Compared to non-invasive coroner vein assessment
NiFFR (Non-invasive Fractional Flow Reserve)
In the angiography department (lip coat) of Nikan West Hospital by Mr. Dr. Seyyed Farshad Sadari, cardiovascular specialist

Evaluation of the coroner vein in a non-invasive method from angiographic images, called NiFFR, is a modern method using image processing and artificial intelligence to investigate suspicious defects in the coroner veins (blood sucking) of the heart. This usable method can be used both online for angiographic imaging in rapid decision making in catheterism sections and offline for checking reported images and damage in angiography CT, known as FFRCT.

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