IJCC 2024 Conference

Role of AI in Coronary Artery Disease And Cardiovascular Surgery

In addition to acknowledging and thanking the esteemed professors and speakers of the 9th Joint Cardiology and Vascular Congress of Iran and the esteemed Association of Cardiac Surgeons for accompanying and assigning two specialized sessions in the field of the role and importance of artificial intelligence and new diagnostic methods in cardiology and cardiac surgery, considering The outlook and goals of the upcoming congress are hereby invited to all doctors, nurses and those interested in new technologies in heart diagnosis and treatment, especially simulation and computational methods, in the meeting and workshop that has been prepared and planned for this purpose. let’s share Hoping to see you in;
The 9th Joint Congress of Cardiovascular Medicine of Iran

– Date of holding: 5th to 7th Ordibehesht 1403

– Place: Conference Center of Shahid Rajaee Heart Hospital, Tehran

1- Specialized meeting entitled Role of AI in Cardiac Surgery:
Wednesday, the fifth of Ordibehesht, from 17:00 to 18:30

2- Specialized workshop entitled Role of AI in CAD:
Friday, the seventh of Ordibehesht, from 8:30 to 10:00

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