Prof. Iraj Nazeri

recommendation based on 50 years of experience

A short summary of the words of Dr. Iraj Nazeri (specialist in cardiology) and one of the founders of the modern science of cardiology in the country and one of the experienced professors in this field regarding the acceptance and emphasis on the use of new technologies in the diagnostic process and the importance and application of new techniques for better diagnosis in the specialized session of the role of artificial intelligence in the anatomical and physiological evaluations of the heart in the 23rd Iran Atherosclerosis Congress (News of Cardiology)

– The speaker is Dr. Javad Kajouri (specialist in cardiology)

– Time: September 1402
– Location: Tehran Olympic Hotel – Hegmatane Hall

Members of the meeting:
1- Dr. Masoud Ghasemi (President of the Congress)
2- Dr. Maryam Mehrpouya
3- Dr. Fakhreddin Hejazi
4- Dr. Reza Rahmani
5- Dr. Amir Farhang Zandparsa

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